Garment Care

100%  Baby Alpaca Wool

Hand washing:

We recommend washing your garments by hand using a mild detergent, as this is the best method for maintaining their quality. Wool products may shrink when exposed to temperature changes and agitation while wet, making handwashing a gentler option.


Air Drying:

To dry, gently roll the garment in a dry towel to remove excess water, then lay it flat in a shaded area. Reshape the garment as necessary, and avoid using a brush. After the product has dried, you may touch it up with a cold iron if needed.


Dry Cleaning:

Your baby alpaca wool garment may also be dry cleaned. Please instruct the cleaner to use a mild solvent at low heat without tumbling. Inform them about any spots or stains to ensure proper care.


Storing to Preserve:

Before storing, ensure the item is completely dry. You may use sachets of dried lavender or cinnamon sticks to protect the garment from moths or bugs while in storage.

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